Yesterday was my check up with my rheumatologist. I actually like going to see her because she takes time to talk to me and listens to my issues. Rather than try to explain to her how I was feeling with the addition of Arava (feeling better, but fatigue was kicking my butt) I drew a graph that showed how much I had improved and that the “swings” between Enbrel injections had gotten better. There was a second line that showed “fatigue” falling off the charts. So she’s added folic acid to my mix with the goal of helping the fatigue and other side effects from the Arava. I took folic acid when I was on MTX, so hopefully, this will be helpful this time as well.

But the big news is that (cross my fingers) I can say “bye, bye!” to the bursitis in my left hip that has been bothering me since last fall. On occasion, it would get better, but it would never quite resolve itself. Then recently I have also been having issues where the IT band connects to the knee, which can also be related to the bursitis in my hip. So at yesterday’s appointment, my rheumy gave me a steroid injection. I hate getting those things, but when they work, they work wonders and I’m pleased to report that this morning, for the first time in many long months, no hip or knee pain.

Let’s just hope it lasts.

I hope things are looking up in your world as they are in mine. Thanks for checking in.