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Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, I believe that living with a chronic disease is like living in a well.

  • Living in a well makes you different and can isolate you from other people.
  • To do anything “normal” you first have to get out of your well, i.e., get over the pain, fatigue, etc.
  • Sometimes you need mobility aids to get you out of your well.
  • When people realize you’re in a well, they talk down to you.
  • The longer you’re in the well, the deeper the well gets, i.e., the harder it is to get out of and the less chance there is for a full recovery.
  • It’s dark at the bottom of the well, but sometimes there is light in the form of a new therapy that offers hope.
  • People who have never lived in a well may care, but they can never fully understand the experience.
  • Being in a well is a true underground movement and connecting to other well-dwellers is a good way to keep your sanity and keep hope alive.
  • Exercise makes it easier to climb out of your well each day.
  • Only you have control over how deep and how dark — or how shallow and light — your well is.

I hope whatever you find in your day, it finds you well.

Thanks for checking in.