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I figure if I bemoan the bad times, the least I should do is say “thank you” for the good ones.

I had a marvellous weekend. It has to do, I believe, with the addition of folic acid to my mix of prescriptions. I now have my energy back and for the first time in probably years, I felt really good.

My husband and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens (which is a rollicking good time if you like those types of movies) followed by dinner. I felt like enjoying life, which is 180 degrees from feeling like staying in bed with the covers over your head.

I know that RA is a temperamental beast and that tomorrow I could be curled up in pain in the middle of the flare. But right here, right now life is good.

If this post has a point, it’s find a rheumatologist that will listen to you, then talk to them about what bothers you. If I hadn’t discussed the significant fatigue I’d been experiencing since starting Arava with my doctor, she would have not known to prescribe the folic acid. RA truly is a journey and you need to share it with someone you trust.

I hope your life today is filled with good things as well. Thanks for checking in.