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Overall, things are good, even for a Monday, but there are a few troubling clouds on the horizon.

My old friend bursitis in my left hip has started twinging again. Actually, my left knee has been bothering me a bit as well. It’s been 2.5 weeks since my steroid shot and if it were going to start wearing off, my experience has been that now would be the time. On the other hand, I was on my feet a lot Sunday, grocery shopping, ironing, cooking, doing, laundry as well as sorting out some other things around the house, so it might just be aggravated. (Fingers crossed.)

And my ear is still congested. Two weeks of steroids (one of which also had decongestants), and nothing. I’m supposed to wait for three weeks to let the doctor know how I’m doing, but I think that I’ll give him a call a few days early. If it’s not improved after 2.5 weeks, I don’t think another couple of days is going to make things magically better.

Other than that, as I said, things are good. Hope things are good in your world as well. Thanks for checking in.