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I lived in Kansas City for about three years before I moved to Dallas. If you exclude San Francisco, that’s the furthest north I’ve ever lived. While I was there, they had three years of record-breaking cold weather and snowfall. I drove an MG Midget when I lived there and I have a picture where the snow in the driveway was taller than my car.

My dream was to move to Dallas and I made a deal with God that if I could make the move, I’d never, ever complain about the heat.

The second summer after I moved to Texas set all-time records for both the most number of days over 100 degrees (69) and the most consecutive number of days of 100+ degree heat (42). And while I might have complained about my air conditioning bill, I did not complain about the heat.

Today, those of us in Dallas turn 40. It’s our 40th consecutive day of 100+ degree heat. I’m still not complaining, but part of me wonders if this is really necessary.

A strange phenomenon is occurring. It’s almost like the Stockholm Syndrome where hostages “connect” with their kidnappers and have empathy for them. There are people in Dallas who are actually rooting for the hot weather that has been holding us captive, wanting to break our previous record. It just goes to show that everything really is bigger in Texas (including the idiots). I sort of understand it. I mean we’re suffering already, why not get something out of it. But still …

You may wonder how hot it is in Texas. Well, let me tell you. It’s so hot that the Baptists are sprinkling, the Methodists are spritzing, the Episcopalians are using Handy Wipes, and the Catholics are praying the wine turns back into water.

I hope your day has a little sunshine in it. Thanks for checking in.