I spent a few minutes going through RA Guy’s Super Hero Wall of Fame today. I was struck by the tremendous diversity of the people who have posted their profiles there — young, old, male, female, foreign and domestic.

I was also struck by how the people described themselves (and am often struck by the same impression when I read the “about” pages on blogs). It’s not like an AA meeting where everyone stands up and says, “Hi, I’m [insert name] and I am an alcoholic.” Rather most descriptions talk about people’s lives and then, oh yeah, I also have RA/Fibro/etc.

I think it’s a powerful thing that so many people use RA in the description of themselves, but do not see themselves as being defined by it. It’s never, “I am an RA sufferer who is also a mother/teacher/fireman/Indian chief.” It is always, “I am a mother/teacher/fireman/Indian Chief and I have RA.”

Life comes first, RA comes second.

I hope that happiness and health are in your description of your life today. Thanks for checking in.