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When I was a teenager, like many teenagers, I always wanted something in the future. I couldn’t wait until I was 16, I couldn’t wait until I was a senior, I couldn’t wait until I was finally out of high school — as if a few months would magically cure whatever issues I was having. My stepmother used to caution me to quit wishing my life away.

In recent years, when I’ve been recovering from major surgery, I’d wish for “next week” when I’d be stronger and more healed.

After more than 60 days of 100+ heat, I was commenting to one of my coworkers how I wished it were December. Not only would the days be cooler, a major project would have crossed a significant milestone, and I could look forward to some time off around the holidays. I told her what my stepmother had said, but that right then, I’d be happy to trade both September and October in order to just get closer to December.

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The same day, I got my new 2012 calendar. Being the anal-retentive, micro-managing control freak that I am, I really love these calendars. Each page is not only a calendar, it is a pocket folder. I use mine at home. When I pay a bill, I just stick it in the calendar pocket and at the end of the month, I have all my filing done and ready to stick in the file drawer. (You can find these at a lot of retail outlets and at calendar.com.)

There’s something exciting about a new calendar, a new year. I look at those blank pages and wonder what the year will bring. What new adventures, (new doctor appointments), and events I’ll record on those pages. 2012 truly is a blank page ready to be transformed.

And while I believe in making the most of today, I am very tired of 2011. It is a hot, worn-out year and I’m ready to tuck it into its place in history and start anew.

I hope whatever is on your calendar today brings a smile. Thanks for checking in.