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I shudder every time I count the number of prescriptions I take and have a similar reaction when I start listing all my doctors — most of which I am supposed to see a minimum of once a year and some up to four times a year.

What happens is that I usually have these doctors appointments spread out, but then my work schedule gets nuts and I have to postpone, and I wind up with several in the same amount of time. This is now the case.

Last Monday I had an emergency dental appointment, then Wednesday I had my rheumy appoint. Today (Friday) I had my checkup with my retina guy. Next Monday I have jury duty, which is not a doctor appointment, but is about as much fun. The following Wednesday I see my shoulder doctor about the problems with my right shoulder, and that Friday I get my new crown that was precipitated by the emergency dental appointment last Monday. I actually get to skip a week, but then the following Monday I have my regular four-month checkup with my internist.


After that I think I’m done — hopefully for the year — with the exception that I need to schedule my annual exam with my dermatologist. Since I’m on drugs that tend to increase the opportunity for certain kinds of skin cancer, it’s a good idea just to have that once-a-year, all-over check-up.

It’s amazing how many doctors I get to see (not counting labs, X-ray technicians, mammogram ladies, etc.). I see my internist 3x a year, my rheumatologist 4x a year, so that’s 7 appointments right there, plus my dentist at 2x a year. Add in my gynecologist, ENT, dermatologist, cardiologist, and optomotrist — all at once a year, and that’s 14 doctors appointments — many of which have related ancillary appointments for bloodwork, X-rays, or other tests.

I was laughing with my friends that we used to talk about sex and men, now it seems like the only men we talk about are our doctors.

I hope your day turns out as well as my doctors’ appointments have so far. Thanks for checking in.