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A few years ago I successfully lost weight using Weight Watchers online and still consider it a good program. It does require you to track what you eat (making you much more aware of exactly how much you are eating). That became an issue and I subsequently dropped it because I wasn’t using it enough to justify the small monthly fee.

Now, thanks to my new iPhone, I’ve found a program I like better with some distinct advantages. First, it’s free. Second, you can use it with your iPhone or simply online with your computer. It’s www.myfitnesspal.com.

You input your information and your goals and it prescribes a certain number of calories to meet. It has well over a million different foods in its database, including many things that I eat like prepared foods from Whole Foods market and convenience foods like Lara bars or Lean Cuisine. It also tracks ALL the nutritional values — unlike Weight Watchers which only tracks “points”. That’s important for people like me who need to be cognizant of their sodium intake.

The cool thing, from an iPhone standpoint, is that it has a bar code reader that you can use to input your food. For example, I had a Slim Fast bar for breakfast. Open the app on the iPhone, select breakfast, zap the bar code and I’m done. And everything is synched between your phone and your online account, so you can flip between entry methods.

It also allows you to enter exercise and gives you “credit” against your daily calorie allowance.

Did I mention it’s free and easy to use?

Anyway, myfitnesspal is now my new best friend in my weight-loss battle.

I hope you and your pals have a great day. Thanks for checking in.