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I thought I’d post a couple of updates of some of the things that have been going on lately:

  • I saw my shoulder doctor last Wednesday. My right/rotator cuff shoulder (as opposed to my left replaced shoulder) has been bothering me. We did a steroid injection. The jury is still out on whether it is helping much. Sometimes it takes a few days. I hope I haven’t retorn something. I have an appointment in January to check the other shoulder and if things haven’t improved by then, we’ll have other conversations.
  • My appointment with the retina doc came out fine. However, since I had a “sudden onset of symptoms” (flasher and floaters), I have to be checked again in about a month.
  • My brother, who suffers with osteoarthritis and was told he needed both hips replaced, instead opted for stem cell therapy. He had the procedure last week and it takes a while for things to start regenerating, but apparently they’ve been having good success in cases like his. I hope so, and if it works, I hope the procedure will become more mainstream and possibly give other people the choice to avoid surgery.
  • And finally, I lost four pounds last week using myfitnesspal.com. Nothing speaks like results. I am hopeful I have finally found a tool that will help me get on track toward my weight loss goals.

Other than that, life is quiet.

Hope you have a great Halloween. Thanks for checking in.