So, everyone’s experience with RA is different. There are different forms of the disease, the same form might progress differently in an individual, we all react to medications differently, and so forth through the litany of variables that make us individuals.

When I have what I call a flare (like the bad one a couple of weeks ago), I hurt all over. I feel like I have a bad case of the flu and then someone beat me all over with a baseball bat. Now I also have times when my knees give me problems or my hands or shoulders are sore, or whatever, but to me that’s just day-to-day life.

Well, last Sunday (Halloween eve) I got the somewhat questionable but totally brilliant idea of carving a pumpkin. My office has an annual pumpkin carving contest and as I have never, in my life, carved a pumpkin (and they were $3 on sale at Wal-Mart), I decided this would be a great idea. Let me tell you, if you have RA (and even if you don’t), spending 2 hours on your feet wrestling a slippery, heavy pumpkin while juggling sharp objects should be grounds for a psych evaluation. I must say, for an amateur, the haunted house pumpkin turned out pretty good, but when I was done, my hands and shoulders as well as my knees and feet were sore. I figured my right hand (which I used to do all the hard carving) would be stiff and sore the next day.

The problem, as it turns out, was the middle joint of my left index finger. And while I’ve read other blogs where the author wrote that they were flaring in this or that small joint, I’ve never had that happen. Sunday evening, the joint just suddenly became very painful. I couldn’t bend it all the way and I couldn’t straighten it all the way. I really couldn’t do anything with it that put pressure on it (like typing). I figured it would be fine by Monday. Wrong. On Tuesday it was still painful and I began to suspect that it was something more than just abusing it during my pumpkin carving adventure. Could this be RA taking a different form? Was it looking for different ways to attack? Then, suddenly, on Tuesday evening as I was watching television, it suddenly stopped hurting. It was almost the feeling like you have when the anesthetic the dentist gives you wears off and you can feel your mouth again. The finger was fine. I could bend it, straighten it, type with it, whatever. It was like the pain never happened.

Still a bit mystified, a breathed a sigh of relief and went on with life.

Until last night. Now it’s a joint in one of my toes. Unlike abusing my hands with pumpkin carving, I haven’t done anything to my toe. In fact, I had my feet propped watching a movie last night when it just hit and it’s still sore this morning.

All this is even more disturbing because I just had a steroid shot last week. And while the injection was in my shoulder, you get a systemic effect and your overall inflammation levels calms down.

So this is definitely new and definitely weird and definitely not something I’m happy about.

I hope whatever pops up in your day today brings a smile along with it. Thanks for checking in.