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It’s not too late to cram even more doctors’ appointments into 2011. Heaven knows that I’m sure doing my part.

Yesterday I had my annual check-up with my dermatologist (everything fine there) as well as my every-two-months lab work. Earlier in the month I had dentist appointments to replace a crown and saw my orthopedic surgeon to have my knee injected. The injection didn’t work so today I’m getting an MRI on my knee.

Which brings us to January. I have the follow-up appointment to review the MRI results, my annual checkup on my shoulder replacement and follow up on my left shoulder that was injected in November, my mammogram, and my regular rheumatologist appointment. I’ll probably also have to see my dentist to get the new crown adjusted.

Yikes! What a way to end/start a year!

I hope that your year ends with peace and happiness and that 2012 is filled with good health. Thanks for checking in.