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Went to see my ortho guy concerning the results of last week’s MRI. The MRI showed a great deal of inflammation behind the knee cap. Official diagnosis is patella friction syndrome and patella subluxation. The patella (knee cap) is also showing some arthritic changes on the back side. Basically, the knee cap gets out of whack and doesn’t “glide” along the appropriate path like it’s supposed to and can rub against/irritate the surrounding structures.

While there are surgical options, as an initial step I’m going through four weeks of physical therapy. If that doesn’t work, my doctor can relieve/reduce/remove the fat pad behind the knee cap (Hoffa’s pad) and also release some of the “pull” on the knee cap that is keeping it from working properly.

At least I have a diagnosis and a plan. With RA, I’ve had X-Rays and MRI’s come back looking perfectly normal with the RA causing all the pain and aggravation. It’s discouraging when that happens because you begin to think (and sometimes your doctors also think) it’s your imagination. This is particularly true before you have your diagnosis and know one has a real explanation for what’s going on.

Trust me, with my imagination, I could think up something a lot more fun than joint pain!

I hope your imaginings today take you to far and wonderful places. Thanks for checking in.