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This morning I had more medical appointments than most people have in a week (or at least it feels like it).

I went in at 7:30 for my physical therapy evaluation for my left knee. The therapist’s impressions confirmed what the doctor had diagnosed (patella friction syndrome and patella subluxation). In addition, she indicated (1) that my knee caps are tilted — either as a result or contributing to the issue; (2) that my IT band tests normal, so that’s not the problem; and (3) the pain I have behind my knee is probably tendonitis of the hamstring tendon. The good news is that I opted for PT at the fitness center I belong to which is associated with the hospital. This means that we’re able to do pool therapy and also that maybe this will get me in the habit of showing up at the fitness center three days a week. It’s also in network, so after my deductible, the insurance will kick in for 90% of the costs. The bad news is that I’m very allergic to tapes and adhesives which makes me a poor candidate for taping the patella, which is a common procedure in these cases. But I am hopeful that the actual physical therapy will improve matters.

The second appointment was with my shoulder doc. I had my annual follow-up on my left shoulder replacement and a follow-up on my right shoulder that’s been bothering me.

The left shoulder has been doing fine since remedial surgery a year ago except that it’s a bit loose and will rattle when I do certain activities like wash my hair. The bottom line on that is if it doesn’t hurt when it rattles (which it doesn’t), it’s okay. I go back in a year for a regular checkup.

The right shoulder is not so great. X-rays show increased arthritic changes in it. They wanted to do a deep injection this morning, but frankly, I was doctored out by that time and need to get to the office. There’s an open invitation to show up for the injection any time I want it. The really bad news about the right shoulder is that while the injection will no doubt help the situation in the short term, in the long run, we’re probably looking at replacing that shoulder as well. Not next week or next month or even next year, but one of these days.

So I feel like I’m making progress even though all the news I got was good. I at least have a plan that offers some improvement.

Next week is my rheumy appointment (and my annual mammogram). It will be interesting to see what my rheumy has to say about the increased arthritis in my knees and shoulder on top of the increased pain and stiffness and mini-flares I’ve been having.

(What’s making me really miserable is this friggin’ head cold I’ve come down with. I don’t feel bad enough to stay home in bed, but I don’t feel good enough to be at work. Yuk!)

I hope that your pieces and parts are doing well. Thanks for checking in.