Erma Bombeck once wrote a book entitled, Life is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans. I had a busy week planned. Among other things, physical therapy was going to start, there was the long-awaited appointment with my rheumatologist, and our monthly management meeting (which I coordinate) is scheduled for this Friday.

Unfortunately, it appears that death also happens when you’re making other plans. My stepmother passed away yesterday. She had been ill a lot recently so it wasn’t unexpected. But expected or not, death is always shocking. It’s hard to believe that someone who has been a constant in your life for so long is no longer there.

She was probably one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life and one of the few people to be truly kind to me when I was growing up. The world is definitely a better place because she was in it. A teacher for more than 30 years, she also had four kids, eight grandchildren, and a plethora of great-grandchildren. She will be sorely missed, but there is no doubt that she has a long-lived legacy.

I will be offline this coming week traveling to attend the funeral.

Thanks for checking in.