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It’s Monday. Last Friday was my last physical therapy appointment. As part of that appointment, my therapist did my final evaluation which will be sent to my doctor. I really like my therapist and as she took the measurements and did the evaluation, we talked through the results and why they turned out that way.

Yes, I made progress, but I don’t know if it’s enough. I still have a lot of pain in the left knee when I walk/stand for extended periods. And by extended periods, I mean a 30-minute walk.

We’ll see. I see the orthpedic doc day after tomorrow. I don’t necessarily have to make the go/no-go decision on surgery then, but I need to make it soon. I have a vacation scheduled for May that includes an awful lot of walking, and I need to be well before then.

In other news, I can’t tell yet if the Orencia is working. Had my fourth injection last week. I can definitely tell that what lingering effects of Enbrel there were are wearing off and the cold, wet weather that’s finally hit Dallas is making me pretty miserable. I would hate to think of going of Orencia to have surgery just as I was building up the drug in my system.

So that’s my life today. I’ll update after the doctor visit in a couple of days.

Hope you’re staying safe and warm in the winter weather. Thanks for checking in.