Okay, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays. However, I do feel that they serve a purpose as a reminder to take time from our busy lives and remember those special people in our lives. I had an ex-husband who didn’t observe holidays, saying that he would rather send me flowers or gifts during the year when he felt like it than be “forced” into spending money because of a date on a calendar. The problem was he never sent me flowers any other time, either. I guess that’s one reason why he’s an EX- husband.

I started this blog 3.5 years ago for me. I’d just been diagnosed with RA and I wanted a place where I could express my feelings and document my journey with the disease. If my ramblings helped other people, that would be an additional blessing.

What I didn’t realize is how much the people in the RA blogging community have come to mean to me. We come together through a common bond and regardless of the many things that might separate us — geography, age, race, religion — we care about each other and share each other’s triumphs — just as we share the burden of this disease.

So, yes. To those of you whose blogs have brought me insight and comfort, and those of you who read my blog and find value in it, I would like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to remember people who are special and, in my life, that includes you.

I hope that the day brings you much love and the promise of more. Thanks for checking in.