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So I had my follow-up with my knee doctor today. He’s actually my knee and hip and foot and part-time shoulder doctor. But right now he’s just my knee doctor.

I really like this guy. Not only is he a good doctor, but he listens to his patients and treats them as whole patients, not just a knee or a hip that needs to be fixed.

In our last episode of this adventure, I had been taking physical therapy 3X a week to see if could resolve some issues with my left knee prior to a vacation I’m taking in mid-May. If the therapy and at-home work didn’t resolve the problem enough, we were going to look at surgery.

So I’ve completed formal therapy and there’s been a definite improvement, but I don’t know if it’s enough. After discussing all this with my doctor and looking at schedules, we’ve decided I’ve got a month for a go/no go decision on surgery. I’m going to continue my exercises (and more physical therapy if I want it) and see where we are then. (I’ve used up about 1/2 of my physical therapy sessions as allowed by my insurance, and it’s only February, so I’m a bit loathe to use them all up now.)

The other thing he did was inject my knee, which I wasn’t expecting. As many times as I’ve a steroid injection, you’d think that I’d quit being such a sissy about it. However, I have a strong vasovagal reflex and, for some reason, steroid shots are one of the triggers. It really stresses me out. So usually after I get a steroid shot, I go home, prop up in bed, watch old movies and feel sorry for myself. Not so today. I have a full afternoon of stuff at the office.

Next week, however, I’m getting a “deep” steroid shot in my right shoulder — the one I’m told they’re going to have to replace one of these days. I have definitely scheduled the afternoon out of the office! I also get my next set of labs done for my rheumy and that’s also my Orencia shot day, so I’m going to feel like a blooming pin cushion.

So I guess for now, we’ll wait (and do our exercises) and see what another month brings …

I hope your world is working well. Thanks for checking in.