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If you want something uplifting this morning, I’d suggest you go check out Victoria Secret because you’re sure not going to find it here.

There’s no one thing that’s wrong, it’s just that it’s Monday and all the little stuff is colliding.

I didn’t sleep well last night. After getting some minor relief from the steroid injections in my knee and then my shoulder, both seem to have worn off. Actually everything hurt and I was afraid that I was in for a flare. I’m not in a flare today, but it’s almost like that headache hiding behind your eyes that you can tell is just waiting to burst through and make your life miserable. I keep catching glimpses of an approaching flare, almost like the brief flash of orange that warns you that there is a tiger hiding in that tall grass.

And I’m grumpy because I didn’t get winter (my apologies to those in the Northern US and in Europe). Seriously, the last week the human interest stories have shown dazzling pictures of cherubic children and playful puppies rollicking in fields of Texas bluebonnets. The trees are blooming, the jonquils and daffodils are out, and it’s going to be friggin’ 80 degrees in Dallas this week. I have been waiting for that blissful day watching snow falling outside my window as I curled up with a good book and a cup of cocoa with cinnamon.

Not happening.

In other updates, I have had to start wearing a brace on my right wrist. Both my elbow and my wrist have been complaining a lot lately and while there’s not a lot I can or will do about my elbow, I can at least give my wrist a bit of support. It mainly hurts when I type and when I sleep (for some reason) — which is to say it hurts day and night. So I have a brace in my desk at the office and one in my bedside table at home.

Next week is my first rheumy appointment after starting Orencia. Two weeks after that is my annual physical and pre-op labs as well as my pre-op appointment with my knee surgeon, then the week after that is knee surgery. Then it’s April already. Pretty soon we’ll be shooting off firecrackers and carving pumpkins.

So I’ll work on swapping my Grumpy and Sleepy for Happy.

You have a great day (or at least better than mine)! Thanks for checking in.