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So I’m having knee surgery two weeks from today. I have to admit that I’m concerned, but it’s not what you think.

It’s not really about the knee surgery. My surgeon is the one who, among other procedures, replaced my hip with terrific results. He’s a good, competent, caring surgeon whom I trust.

I’m not really worried about the post-surgical pain. This isn’t my first rodeo (as we say here in Texas), and after the first couple of days — which are dulled by adequate drugs — you kind of get on with life.

And I’m not really concerned that the surgery will be successful. I don’t know that it will completely “cure” the problem, but I have confidence that it will make it better, and that’s all I ask.

What I’m worried about are the crutches and/or cane.

As a bit of background, in 2008 I had a nice healthy left shoulder joint. In fact, I had an X-Ray of it in June 2008 that showed exactly that. In August 2008, I had my left hip replaced. During recuperation, I used a walker for a week or so, then a cane for a few weeks. In the three-month post-op visit for my hip surgery, I mentioned to my surgeon that while my hip was doing great, my shoulder was bothering me. I figured I’d strained it using the walker or cane. An X-ray and MRI revealed that the shoulder joint had deteriorated to the point that it had to be replaced. I have no doubt that the excess wear and tear caused by using the walker and cane had a direct effect on the joint damage.

Now I’ve already been told that I’m going to have to have my right shoulder replaced sometime in the near future. And while it bothers me on a daily basis, I’m not yet to the point of scheduling the replacement.

But I’m going to be on crutches, then probably use a cane (with said right arm/shoulder) for recovery after knee surgery. I’m actually pretty terrified as to what this means for my right shoulder. And while I am convinced that surgery is the right course for the knee, I am equally concerned that it’s exactly the wrong thing for my shoulder.

I’ve always been a big-picture, bottom line kind of girl and my brain tells me that I shouldn’t worry about problems that don’t yet exist. But my gut is telling me that history does repeat itself and that I’m asking for trouble with my right shoulder and possibly with my replacement joint on the left side. Then my brain chimes in again and says that I know I must have the right shoulder replaced anyway, so what difference does it really make?

It’s enough to drive you nuts.

So that’s my outlook. Mainly I’m just looking forward to having the surgery over with so I can get on with life. I’ll try not to worry about the shoulder until there’s something to worry about.

I hope that whatever quandaries are in your life are easily solved. Thanks for checking in.