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So it’s 12 days to knee surgery.

More important is that it’s five days since I took my last Arava and 1 day later than I normally take my Orencia injection.

If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you know that I’ve occasionally flirted with the idea of just chucking the meds altogether. There have been times when I’ve wondered if they were working and have constant concerns of the potentially hazardous side effects. I’ve followed Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s posts with secret envy as he’s detailed the last year or so of being off medications. Not all of his experiences have been good, but there is a certain freedom associated with not being on a medication plan.

The truth is, what I’m really counting are the days I until can go back to my Arava and Orencia. If it’s 12 days until surgery, then it’s probably 19 days until I can take my meds again. It’s literally only been a few days since I’ve been off of them, and I can already tell a difference. The other night at the theater I was squirming in my seat because I was getting stiff and sore all over. Even though I was trying to be subtle about shifting positions and stretching my knees out, my husband noticed and commented on the fact that I seemed very uncomfortable (which I was).

Of course, I’m also off NSAIDs since they can exacerbate bleeding, so about all I can do is take Tylenol or some of the stronger Tylenol-based narcotics like hydrocodone — which I don’t like.


I know that the surgery will be here and be done before I know it. Until now and then, I’ll count the days.

Hope your days are filled with smiles. Thanks for checking in.