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I’ve never been fond of surprises. Most of the surprises in my life have been unpleasant. Being a micro-managing control freak who plans in order to avoid surprises simply makes it worse.

I had my annual physical / pre-op exam today. There were, thankfully, no surprises there unless something shows up in my labs, which I don’t expect.

However, over the weekend I noticed a sore spot on my gum. It was right at the gumline of my most recent crown and I assumed that I either rammed it with my toothbrush or had perhaps managed to get a bit of something under the edge of the crown and it was irritating it. To be on the safe side, I started taking some antibiotics that we had in the house and that seemed to make it better. I only had a few antibiotics and since my dentist’s office is basically across the street from my doctor’s office, I made arrangements to stop by and get checked after my pre-op physical this morning with the hopes of getting a new prescription.

My dentist did what all dentists do — he poked around my mouth with sharp instruments and asked me if it hurt, which it did. (Duh!) He then took an X-ray and came back with my surprise of the day. The tooth, a lower molar on the right side, needs a root canal. And since the tooth is abscessed (thus the tender spot on my gums), I need to have it done before I can have my knee surgery in 8 days. (The knee bone’s connected to … my molar?)

My dentist called the endodontist while I was in the office and we made the appointment at the end of the day tomorrow with the hope that he will have time to finish the work by the end of the week. I have my pre-surgery appointment with my surgeon the day after tomorrow. I am really loathe to tell him this is going on because I don’t want him to reschedule my surgery.

In the meantime, I do have a new prescription for antibiotics, which I am taking faithfully. I am determined to get this abscess cleared up in short order.

So that’s what’s new and surprising in my life. I hope that whatever surprises your day holds are pleasant ones. Thanks for checking in.