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A couple of other notes on the upcoming medical events that I didn’t mention in my post yesterday.

First, my wonderful surgeon prescribed Mobic for me. He says it will make me feel better between now and the surgery and even after the surgery. I am in my second week of no RA drugs and I am really feeling the [non]effects, so I was delighted to have the Mobic. I have only been taking Tylenol since many of the NSAIDS can increase bleeding.

I filled my Mobic yesterday right after I got it. Contrary to popular practice, I take it at night. It relieves all those aches and pains and lets me get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested. I find that during the day, it’s easier for me to ignore discomfort with a little help from Tylenol and because I’m busy doing other things. But at night, every pain seems magnified when you’re lying there looking up at the ceiling. And without a good night’s sleep, I can be pretty worthless the next day. So thank you Dr. T!

Also, my surgeon told me that I would only need to be on crutches for a couple of days until I was able to put enough weight on my knee to keep my balance and I could switch to using a cane whenever I was ready. This is really good news as one of my major concerns was using crutches with my decrepit shoulders.

I have now rescheduled my first root canal appointment for the Friday after surgery. I’ll still be off work (and still have a good supply of drugs).

So all things are good (or at least as good as they can get with knee surgery and a root canal). I hope things are good in your life as well.

Thanks for checking in.