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So I got an interesting email the other day. It was from Humira, reminding me to take by bi-weekly injection.

Now you have to understand that I was on Humira from January to August in 2009, so I haven’t used it for almost three years. 

Right after I started on the medication, I signed up for their patient assistance program which includes some co-payments for the medication, plus reminders every two weeks when its time to take the medication, free Sharps containers for the used needles, etc.

I did get the card to help with the co-pay which I used once, but not again because the trouble wasn’t worth the $25 co-pay. However, I never received an email reminder and even though I requested a Sharps container — twice (once online and once by phone), I wound up paying $50 for a Sharps-by-mail service because Humira never sent it.

I have no idea why I’ve suddenly started receiving reminder emails.

I did go into the Humira site and turn off the reminders, but I’m still getting them, every two weeks. Hopefully they’ll stop as mysteriously as they started.

I think that patient assistance programs are great. They make life easier for people who can’t afford the co-pay or need other services associated with medication. However, I also think the site should do what it promises. (What a concept, right?)

Hopefully if you’re using patient assistive services, you’ve got a program that works better than that one.

Thanks for checking in.