I want to thank RA Warrior for starting this for all us rheum-mates. You can follow the link and respond to her there, or chime in with your own here.

Here’s our easy-going rheum meme

What’s a meme? It’s just a set of questions that we each answer. Put your answers to the questions in the comment box below or post them in your own blog and leave a link to that here in a comment.

  1. What is one thing that defines who you are, regardless of RA? My dedication to being the best wife, friend, and employee that I can.
  2. What’s one food you know they must have in heaven? Neuhaus white chocolate truffles with strawberry filling.
  3. Name a song that takes you to a happy place? Enya’s “May It Be” if I need to mellow out. Bon Jovi’s “We Weren’t Born to Follow” if I need some uplifting.
  4. What’s your favorite city and why? London, England because it has all the vibrancy of New York (and is much more polite).
  5. Name 1 thing that you have learned by living with Rheumatoid disease? Life isn’t fair. But then I tend to learn that lesson a lot.
  6. What medication has helped you the most with RA symptoms? The least? I feel the best when I’m on some prednisone — regardless of what other medication I’m taking, but that’s not a solution. Simponi probably worked the best, but it would wear off quickly. I hate methotrexate. Refuse to take it. It makes me feel worse than RA (if that’s possible).
  7. What do you most wish health care professionals understood about RA? It’s a complicated disease that affects us as people — not just as patients. Our entire lives and those around us are impacted. And that not everything shows up in neat columns of test results.
  8. What is something about you that would probably surprise most people about you? The great unfulfilled desire of my life is that I always wanted to go to medical school.
  9. What is something about you that would probably surprise most people about your RA? That I have it, because I don’t have any visible indicators and most days I do pretty well.
  10. What is something that you want to be remembered for? Always trying to do things the right way.