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So, it’s been a week since I started dieting and I’ve lost five pounds. In the interests of full disclosure, I did not go to the Medi-weightloss clinic as I had originally intended. If the truth were told, if they had Saturday hours, or even more hours after 5:00 pm when I could more easily go in every week, I probably would have. But I decided that my losing the weight wasn’t so much as showing up at their clinic and paying money as it was following a diet. And I can do that without having someone check boxes on my chart every week.

But I am following their basic protocol. Last week I had between 500-700 calories and less than 20 carbohydrates each day. If I had gone to their clinic, I couldn’t have vegetables until this week. As I had the luxury of creating my own menu, I had lean protein and a cup or so of low-carb vegetables for lunch and dinner and some lean turkey bacon for breakfast. My husband and I also walked most evenings after work.

Was it easy? Was it fun? Actually, it wasn’t too bad, but for someone who enjoys good food like I do, it was pretty boring.

So start of week two. Following the basic Medi-weightloss plan, I’m going to add a low-carb, 100 calorie snack to my daily menu.

Generally you lose the most weight on week one, but I’m hopeful to drop another three or so by this time next week. (Cross your fingers and send me skinny thoughts!)

Thanks for checking in.