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It actually started Sunday. I thought I’d overdone on Saturday, shopping, cooking, and cleaning to get ready for dinner guests Saturday night, so Sunday I had this vague, all-over ache. You know, kind of like a headache that hides behind the eyes that you can sort of feel like it’s there, but not exactly, but occasionally it comes out and stabs you when you least expect it.

I felt a bit better on Monday so, again, I decided I’d just overdone over the weekend.

However, this morning it was much, much worse. It hurt just to turn over in bed. When I had to get out of bed, it hurt to stand and it hurt even more to try to walk. Even my eyelids are swollen and sore. When I got in the shower, it hurt to raise my arms to wash my hair. When I got out of the shower, it hurt to put on body lotion. It hurt to get dressed and to get into the car. It hurt my hands, arms, and shoulders to drive to work. And it hurts to sit in my ever-so-ergonomic office chair.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those days where it’s not practical to stay at home. I have deadlines at the office and my cleaning lady will be at the house most of the middle of the day. It’s hard to rest with a vacuum roaring in the hallway. We also have theater tickets this evening and it’s now too late to exchange them.

I’m going to try Tylenol today at the office and see if I can get the pain level down to a bearable level. If things aren’t better by tomorrow, I’ll start a prednisone taper.

Hopefully this will get me through until I see my rheumatologist in three weeks. If not, I may call and see if I can bump up the appointment a bit. I can’t make it too early. I see my shoulder surgeon next week and I want to see what he says about needing/scheduling surgery so I can talk to my rheumatologist about when I need to be off the drugs.

I sincerely hope you’re having a good day (because I’m sure not and someone needs to!). Thanks for checking in.