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Okay, it was on the front page of the Life section in today’s Dallas Morning News. And it was about gardening tools designed for people with various kinds of arthritis — not about RA itself.

But the important things to keep in mind are that (1) they used a picture of a real person with RA (not a model) (although the picture on the website is different that the “whole person” picture in the printed version); (2) they talked about how she was unable to do the gardening activities she enjoyed because of the pain and swelling; and (3) it’s great to read a story about companies who pay attention and want to produce good products for people who have difficulty using “every day” devices.

I know that Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior has real issues with the media sugar-coating the realities of the disease. Even though this news story isn’t directly RA, for once I think they’ve gotten it right.

Hope whatever headlines you make today are good ones. Thanks for checking in.