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Sorry, I couldn’t resist the headline. It’s a ripoff from an old Exile song which is still one of my favorite makeout songs of all times (I Wanna Kiss You All Over and Over Again).  (I know, TMI, right?)

But the fact of the matter is, for the second time in as many weeks, I’ve been hit by a flare. This time I stayed home in bed instead of getting up and feeling miserable all day. (A bit of tramadol helped as well.)

I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve had more of the “really bad” flares in the last two weeks than I had all of last year put together.

I put the first one down to a confluence of factors: I had finally gotten off the tapering dose of prednisone; I had started back on the “hard” RA drugs after a vacation, but hadn’t been on them enough for full effect; I had overdone both physically and in the food/drink department the weekend before; a cold front bringing rain and thunderstorms blew through the area, etc.

The second flare was similar in many ways.

While I can’t control the weather, maybe I should take it easy until I start feeling like the Orencia and Arava have kicked in. Overdoing things in the stress, physical activity, and diet departments may not be causing the flares, but I can guarantee they aren’t helping.

Of course, the drugs will kick in just about in time for my next shoulder surgery when I’ll have to get back off of them. I really haven’t posted about that because nothing is definite yet. However, I did have the arthrogram/MRI a couple of weeks ago and I see the surgeon in two days to discuss options. He’s already left me a pretty detailed voice mail with his opinion, but like a good doctor, he wants to discuss this with me personally. I suspect I’m in for a second shoulder replacement, but I’ll know more in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I need to see if I can do anything to derail this weekly cycle of flares.

Hoping your day is filled with kisses of your favorite flavor. Thanks for checking in.