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So I met with my shoulder surgeon this afternoon. I recently had an arthrogram and an MRI on my right shoulder. The imaging didn’t show the amount of arthritis you’d expect for the level of symptoms I have, so the doctor wanted to talk through some options.

Option 1 was injecting the shoulder again, but via the radiologists where they can look to see that the steroid is actually going into the joint. The last two injections didn’t really help, so I wasn’t real keen on wasting time and money trying it again.

The second option of jumping directly to shoulder replacement seemed a bit extreme given the lack of a clear indication to do so on the imaging.

So we’re going with the third option. He’s going in with an arthroscope and take a look. If things look good, he’ll clean out the joint, perhaps reduce the AC joint a bit more. If the joint doesn’t look healthy (which it might not due to inflammation which doesn’t show up well on an MRI), then he’ll replace it.

The problem with going with option 3 is that I won’t have a clue what’s been done until I wake up out of surgery. I agree with the approach, but for a micro-managing control freak like yours truly, not know whether I’m going to be off work for a few days or a few weeks is not a comfortable feeling. At this point, I’m not sure how I’m even going to explain the situation at work so they can prepare.

I guess the first step is getting the surgery scheduled which will happen in the next few days. I will discuss the logistics with the scheduling nurse at that time. Once I get the schedule — which will probably be mid- to late-September, then I can have a more concrete discussion with my office.

And when I can update them, I’ll also update the blog. Thanks for checking in.