One morning a week or so ago, I went out to pick up the paper and I noticed that the water hose on the front of the house was on. The hose had a nozzle on the end, which was closed, so I wasn’t losing water that way, but it was definitely “spewing” around where the hose was attached to the faucet. I knew my yard crew, which comes on Monday, used the hose, and as this was Saturday, I had no doubt been leaking water for at least a week. I was not happy. I don’t mind the guys using the hose, but they needed to turn off the water. To solve the problem, we removed the nozzle which would remind them to turn off the water when they were finished.

Then I got my water bill. It was $200 more than it had been the previous two months. It seemed inconceivable that the leaking water hose had used up that much water — even if it had been on all month. I fumed as I paid the bill. I talked to my husband about it. We did the calculations. That represented about 39,000 gallons of water. We had a leak.

That evening as I was walking across the living room, I noticed the floor was uneven. The floor was buckling. We found more damage in the dining room, the hallway, the front bedroom, and the kitchen. The next day we called the plumber. Couldn’t come on that day, Friday. It’s the Labor Day weekend. Got them scheduled for Tuesday after Labor Day.

The plumber found the leak but couldn’t get everything done on Tuesday. Husband had to leave town for business Wednesday morning. I took off work and met the plumber. More than $1,000 later, the leak is fixed.

The floors and subfloors in the front of the house are warped due to the water. Large portions, if not all, will need to be ripped out and replaced. This means we have to move out all the furniture, store it, fix the floors, then move everything back in. And I’m scheduled for shoulder surgery in three weeks, so guess how much help I’m going to be with all of this?

We’re also concerned about mold. We’re on a pier-and-beam foundation, so our subfloors sit on piers above the ground. There was a small lake under our house, so all the ground as well as the foundations and subfloors were wet, ranging from standing water to damp. The possibility of mold is pretty significant.


Husband won’t be home until the weekend, and since he’s an architect and knows about these things, I want him to meet with the insurance adjuster, so that won’t happen until next week sometime.

What a mess.

I hope that no leaks spring in your day. Thanks for checking in.