In my previous post I brought you up to speed with my recent trials and tribulations caused by a leaking water pipe.

Last night, after the plumbers left, leak having finally been fixed after two days of work, I was relaxing watching television. I noticed the room seemed warm. The thermostat was set to 75, but the house was at 84 degrees and rising.

The air conditioner had died. The fan would still blow, but the air was not cold.

Slept under the fan last night. House was still 84 degrees when I got up. Called the air conditioning company. Figured we just needed a new blast of freon or something.


The compressor is fried.

The good news is that we purchased the extended warranty so this will cost us little, if anything at all. The bad news is that we purchased the extended warranty, so they have to go through the manufacturer to get authorization, parts, etc. and I will probably be without air conditioning until early next week. It’s going to be 106 degrees in Dallas tomorrow.

At least the hot temperatures should help dry out the lake that’s under my house.

Thanks for checking in.