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Let me update you on progress from my last couple of posts and a couple of other items.

First the remediation/restoration guys came out Friday to do an assessment. Based on what we’d told them, they were expecting 50% humidity under the house and 15% water penetration in wood. It was 80% humidity and 18% penetration — much worse than we expected. They took measurements and pictures. I have pictures of mushrooms growing on my subfloor (not the dirt — the actual wood!). We also have pictures of mold growing. It’s not the black dangerous mold, but it still has to be hand treated, sprayed with a microbial and then sealed. Once it’s sealed, they’ll put blowers under the house to make sure everything is dry. I think this is going to start happening this week.

Since our air conditioner compressor died, my husband and I spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in a hotel room. However, the temperatures in Dallas dropped over the weekend from highs in the 100’s to highs in the 80’s with overnight lows in the 60’s so we decided to stay at home yesterday. It was good to be in my own bed, surrounded by my own “stuff” again.

The cable got fixed yesterday. (I know, I didn’t mention this earlier. In the grand scheme of things, non-working cable seemed like a moot point.)

The new air conditioner compressor will be installed today. Hopefully that will solve that problem.

The insurance adjuster is going to come out on Friday to do an assessment of the damage. We’ll know more about the total impact of this “event” once we meet with him. Based on where we’ve found floors that have buckled (or in the case of the kitchen, where the ceramic tile is cracked), I’m estimating that 1/2 to 2/3 of our floors and subfloors will need to be replaced. As we’re going to move both us and our furniture out of the house while this is going on, we’re trying to figure out how this fits into my surgery/recovery schedule. I could be “out” for six to eight weeks if they do the shoulder replacement.

Speaking of doctors, I was supposed to have seen my rheumatologist last Friday, but since I had been away from the office all day Wednesday and part of Thursday with plumbers and A/C guys, I bumped it to this Wednesday. Just when I think I’m starting to get some relief from restarting the drugs, I’ll need to get off them for surgery in three weeks. With all of this stress in my life, I’m surprised I’m not home in bed with a flare …. (perhaps I shouldn’t tempt fate!).

So rheumatologist this week. Pre-op check up next week and shoulder surgery three weeks from today.

That’s all I know for now. This will be an interesting week as we get more visibility into the home situation. I’ll keep you posted. Until then, thanks for checking in.