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Now that I’m two weeks out from my surgery, I’ve taken the last of my RA meds (and associated drugs like folic acid) for about a month. That’s two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery.

My Orencia injection schedule has been on Wednesday evenings and considering that it’s now Tuesday, like any good drug addict, I’m feeling the need for my “fix”. I can tell the Orencia’s working because I start feeling worse when I’m due for the next injection. I am not looking forward to the next few weeks. Last March when I had knee surgery, my surgeon had put me on Mobic before and after the surgery, which helped alleviate the symptoms. This time I’m going cold turkey. (Oh joy. With all the stress in my life with the home repairs and work and just stress about the surgery, you think there’s a flare in my future????)

Yesterday I went to see my internist for my pre-op exam. The surgeon had sent a list of tests that he needed so they sent me down to the lab for blood work and my chest X-ray before I saw the doctor. (Which is good because they electronically send the chest X-ray to the doctor and we can look at it together in the exam room.) I have “bad” veins when it comes to drawing blood and especially IV’s, but I got through the blood work without too much trauma. Then I met with the doctor and based on our conversation and my last blood work, he ordered another test. He thought that they could just use the blood they’d already taken, but as I was checking out, the lab called and said they needed more, so I got to get jabbed again. The inside of my right elbow is just one big bruise this morning.

In the midst of all this, I’ve managed to lose another couple of pounds. The chaos of no air conditioners and the house in a bit of an uproar with contractors and consultants and adjusters all running around has thrown me off my usual cooking routine, so instead of staying on the ultra-low cab diet I was on, I’ve just concentrated on eating healthy and lightly. I still have a way to go, but seeing progress on the scales helps me keep on track.

On the house front, it seems like we have had lots of people come through, but haven’t made any real progress or know very much more than we did two weeks ago. The insurance adjuster came, but she doesn’t do estimating, so we had to wait for the flooring guy. The flooring guy said that he can’t fully estimate until they demolish the existing floor because he won’t know if the sub-floor needs to be replaced, but right now we believe he’s going to recommend replacing all the floors except the tile in the master bath. (Sigh.) There are still fans blowing under my floors, drying everything out. Today the guys are bringing four more fans and a dehumdifier.

We need to get everything done so the mold can be treated by the end of next week. The environmental consultant suggested that it might not be a good idea for someone who has just had surgery to be in the house while they were doing the treatment so we have to get it done before the procedure.

Our plan is, right now, to get through the drying process and the mold treatment and not start any of the real repairs until after the first of the year. I think we’re going to take the opportunity while we’re moved out of the house to get some other things done such as repainting the interior of the house (which it needs). It’s going to take us a while to get all that figured out. Plus, if they wind up replacing my shoulder, I could be out through part or all of November anyway, and I’m not going to deal with packing and moving furniture and construction while I’m recovering.

So on one hand, my life seems like it’s up in the air as I don’t know the real situation with the house and the insurance and what kind of shoulder surgery I’m going to have. On the other hand, we are making progress getting things dried out and the mold taken care of and moving forward with necessary steps needed before surgery.

Here’s hoping your life is a bit more settled than mine. Thanks for checking in.