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So Tuesday I went back for my two-week post-op follow-up and to get my stitches out. Everything looks fine, which is the good news.

When I had rotator cuff surgery previously (which was arthroscopic rather than open), I was back to work after three weeks. I was actually working from home part-time after the first week. Other people I know have returned to work after the three weeks you’re required to be in the sling.

So, assuming a three-week recovery, I would be returning to work next Monday. However, this has been a tough surgery and a rough recovery, so I was prepared to negotiate for one more week to regain strength and range of motion before trying to go back to work.

My doctor wants me to stay out at least four more weeks after this one, returning to work Thanksgiving week, for a total of seven weeks.

As God is my witness, I’m not sure I can watch that much daytime television.

Two days later, I’m still trying to digest that news. Now that I’m generally feeling well (and back on my RA meds), I’m getting the bored and restless syndrome. Of course I’m still handicapped by not being able to use my right arm, and I can’t drive yet — which just fuels the B&R syndrome.

My company has a policy to shut off access to emails, servers, etc. to people who are on FMLA leave (which I am), so I can’t even work part-time from home. I am supposed to be focusing on my recovery. Well I am, but you can’t do that all friggin’ day (especially since I’m no longer taking anything but Tylenol …).

The other thing this has impacted is moving forward on repairs on the house after the damage from the water leak. But we’ll deal with those issues as we can.

So, that’s the latest from the home front. If you have any great ideas for things to do that don’t involve the right hand, please send them my way. Thanks for checking in.