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I have been meaning to post for days, but lately my life has seemed like a time-lapse video. You know that video that shows a seed being planted, then it germinates and sprouts and grows into a beautiful flower. Then it’s eaten by a cow and winds up as a withered cow patty decomposing in the pasture. That’s me.

In the essense of brevity and to keep me from whining too much, here’s the Cliff Notes version of recent events:

  • Shoulder surgery. The steroid shot did its work and since then I’ve made amazing progress. I can actually believe that I will make a full or nearly full recovery. Still have a lot of physical therapy in front of me and I’m still not supposed to lift more than one pound, but I am leaps and bounds beyond where I was the last time I posted. And the really good news is that I won’t have to convert to being left-handed for the rest of my life. (Apologies to my brother and the other lefties in the world, but it ain’t easy being left-handed in a right-handed world, and I’d like to avoid that if possible.)
  • House repairs. Things have been on hold while I’ve been home recoverying. When I say “on hold” I mean nothing physically has been done. However, the last few weeks I’ve felt well enough that I’ve met with flooring people and kitchen people and installation people and mold people and insurance people out the kazoo. We basically are close to being ready to get all this stuff done. The mold remediation will be done the week after Thanksgiving, then the big replacement of the floors, kitchen, and paint will begin in January. (What a way to start the year.)
  • Other news. In other news my career took an 180 degree turn as of yesterday. I’ll provide details in a later post (it’s a bit early to discuss at this point), but the change will definitely have a real impact on my life.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print in my (Carla’s) corner of the world. Thanks for checking in, and Happy Thanksgiving next week. May you and yours enjoy all the blessings of the season.