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It’s been busy since I last posted.

I spent most of last week setting up my workspace in a corner of my husband’s offices. I still have a few lingering technical issues, but I can basically work which is a really good thing because I have a rush project for a an old client that popped up. (It’s nice to be wanted — and busy!)

I had my second post-op follow-up with my shoulder doctor this week. Gold stars all the way around. I’ve been released from having to do any more physical therapy although I have to continue my home exercises. I go back in February when I also have my annual check up on the shoulder replacement in the other shoulder.

Next week is my regular check up with my rheumatologist. Overall, I’ve been doing well, but I have had a couple of weird things crop up. My left knee, which had surgery in March, has started hurting again. I don’t think it’s directly RA because it feels pretty good when I wake up in the morning, but gets extremely sore once I start walking on it. By the time I get ready and leave in the morning, I can barely make it up the four stairs from the parking garage to the sidewalk at my office. I think if it were RA it would be more random and not so directly tied to walking.

The other thing is that my back slips out of place. This has been going on for a couple of months now, but it is gradually getting worse. It’s now pretty consistently happening when I’m sitting and I reach or stretch to the side — for example, when I put my hand out the window to use the access card at the garage. It’s very sudden and very startling and very painful when it does it. It’s also started “popping” when I walk. More so when I’m carrying something, but even occasionally when I’m not. Going to that great medical authority “the Web”, it sounds like I’ve developed spondylolisthesis. Or perhaps it’s just my hypochondria.

So at any rate, it appears that in addition to my rheumy, I have visits to my knee doctor and my spine guy in my future. Not what I wanted for Christmas.

All in all, I’m doing pretty well, although it’s weird to be working again. This is the first week I’ve worked since surgery October 1. I’d gotten used to being a lady of leisure.

I hope you’re doing well also and that your holiday season is progressing nicely. Thanks for checking in.