The first of the year is a busy “doctor time” for me. A week or so ago I had my annual mammogram and retina check (not the same doctor) followed a few days later by my every-four-month visit with my internist. This week I have my annual dermatology exam, meeting with the spine guy about the issues with my back and follow-up with my knee guy about the potential Hyalgan injection treatment for my left knee. In the upcoming couple of weeks I also have my regular rheumy check up along with the follow-up with my shoulder surgeon. And of course, there is the monthly run to the pharmacy that, between my prescriptions and my husband’s, runs me about $300 after insurance.

You see that’s the rub. It appears that there’s been yet another clerical error and not only am I not covered by insurance at the moment, I haven’t been since January 1. You’ll recall this happened earlier when I changed from employee insurance to COBRA at the end of November. This time it has to do with the annual open enrollment at the end of the year. The HR people are working on the issue, but I found out about this when I had to shell out $$$ for prescriptions this weekend. Going back to the claims statement, it appears that my earlier doctors appointments haven’t been covered, either.  I am just hopeful that they will resubmit the claim and, when they do, this mess will be straightened out. With the cash flow hemorrhaging I’m doing on the house renovation, I really don’t need to be paying full price for specialist visits.

The good news is that the house is moving along. After some issues, we’re finally getting the floors finished. I need an extra coat of paint in one room, then the painting is done. The kitchen cabinets are being installed even as we speak. We have countertops, tile, and clean up to finish, then hopefully the end of next week we can move home. (There’s a potential disastrous delay on the countertops in the works, but that’s another story.)

This weekend I decided that I would clean the kitchen tile well before the cabinets were installed. It’s not a very big area, but by the time I was done with a mop and a rinse, I could really tell the toll that RA has taken on me. What would have been a quick, painless job just a couple of years ago turned into an arduous adventure. My hands hurt, my back hurt, my knees hurt, my feet hurt.

But again, good news. With all this stress and extra physical activity, I haven’t had a flare. (Fingers crossed.) I guess the meds are actually helping keep things under a level of control.

So that’s my life at the moment. Hope yours is rolling along smoothly. Thanks for checking in.