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It seems like I’ve been whining a lot lately. True, my life has had its challenges, but constant whining gets old. So I’m pleased to report some good news.

Yesterday I had my first Euflexxa injection in my right knee. Like most of us facing a new treatment, I had spent a good amount of time researching the drug, its effectiveness, and of course what patient experiences I could find on line. I have to admit that I was most concerned about the pain of the injection. Even my orthopedic surgeon warned me that it would “smart”. He tends to underplay how much things might hurt so for him to forewarn me that it would hurt would be like describing World War II as a diplomatic event between civilized nations.

I did have his office prescribe some Valium to take before the injection. I believe that stress can make things worse, so I figured if I lessened the anxiety, it would be less painful. And, of course, I had my husband take off work and drive me because you shouldn’t be driving around (especially in crazy Dallas traffic) under the influence of drugs.

All this was much ado about nothing.

The Valium hadn’t really kicked in when I got to the doctor’s office, so I was still a bit anxious. But the fact of the matter is, the injection didn’t hurt. At all. I’ve had steroid shots that hurt a lot worse. The doctor didn’t use any numbing spray or other deadening agent. He just inserted the needle, injected the drug and we were done in probably less than five seconds. A quick bandaid and I was out the door.

The requirement is that you should stay off your feet as much as possible for the first 48 hours, so I went home and propped up in bed. Of course, by then the Valium had kicked in and I was out like a light for a couple of hours.

But I slept well last night. For the first time in weeks — maybe months — knee pain didn’t wake me up. And when I got up this morning, my knee didn’t hurt like it usually does. It takes me about 45 minutes in the morning to get through shower, hair and makeup, and by the time I got ready for the day, my knee started to hurt a bit. And I admit I was pushing it a bit being on my feet for that amount of time. But now that I’ve been sitting and working, the pain has gone — again.

I really wasn’t expecting much. Most people don’t realize any pain relief until at least the second injection, so to say that I am both amazed and hopeful is an understatement.

Next Wednesday I have my regular check up with my rheumatologist and my second Euflexxa injection. Then Thursday I go in for the myelogram prior to back surgery. There’s a possibility that I may have to postpone surgery from April 1 until the second or third week in May. I will know more when I meet with the doctor to discuss the myelogram results. I have to travel in early May and, even though my husband will be with me to wrangle the bags, the doctor may not want me to travel that early.

So it’s nice to report some good news for a change. I hope the new in your life is also good. Thanks for checking in.