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I feel almost like there ought to be a town crier going through the streets proclaiming, “She lives!”

Actually, surgery went smoothly, I did great and was discharged from the hospital about 24 hours after I went in. Surgery was about three hours long and I was doing so well that they lifted the “liquid diet” decree and I got to eat roast beef and green beans for dinner.

Before Surgery

Before Surgery

I can tell the surgery “fixed” the problem. You can see from the image study before surgery that the disc was completely herniated and the vertebrae were badly degenerated. My surgeon said that the disc was just completely gone between the two vertebrae and I was rubbing bone on bone.

They cleaned out the remaining disc material, inserted some “spacers” to give space between the vertebrae, put in a rod and screws, and fused the vertebrae. Much, much better.After Surgery

After Surgery

There has been some discomfort, but little pain. I had one bad afternoon where the swelling around the surgery combined with sleeping in an odd position caused me to have incredible shooting pains down my left leg. I could barely move it, much less stand on it. The doctor’s office called in a Medrol taper and within 12 hours, it was 180 degrees different.

There have been other issues. My allergy to adhesives has left my backside raw and bleeding in some places and difficult to find a place to secure dressings on the incisions. Right now I’ve reverted to using strips of Press and Seal wrap instead of any kind of tape.

But overall, I’m doing great and glad to be on the mend. I appreciate all the healing thoughts and well wishes sent my way. Thanks for checking in.