I consider myself a fairly private person. I had a Facebook account for about two weeks, then cancelled it. I don’t tweet. I do have a Linked-In account, but I consider that in the same vein as I do the website for my consulting business. The fact that I’ve been blogging, and following RA blogs, for nearly five years is a testament to the great value that I find in sharing information and feelings among a group of others that “get it.”

I regularly follow about 15 blogs. Five or six of those are “friends” that I’ve following regularly for a number of years. Others I check in on occasionally or subscribe so I don’t miss their less-frequent posts.

I’m not much of a commenter and when I do it’s either on one of the 15 “regular” blogs or a new blogger that I’ve found and I comment to let them know that I’m new to their site and how I found them. I especially don’t comment much on blogspot because I hate typing those “prove you’re not a robot” words.

Occasionally, to the point of rarely, I run across a provocative blog where I have a differing opinion and feel compelled to provide a different perspective. I’ve always tried to do this respectfully. I would never minimize someone else’s opinion (especially on THEIR blog). I approach it by stating that I understand and respect their opinion/thoughts/feelings/conclusions, then suggest another way to look at the situation is XYZ.

More often than not, my comment is not approved. It never appears.

On one hand, I completely get it. A blog is a personal space that provides a forum for an individual to post their personal thoughts and opinions. Bloggers are under no obligation to post ANY comments whether they agree with their viewpoint or not. On the other hand, it is a public forum which, by definition, invites a certain amount of conversation and it is to be expected not all that conversation will be 100% consistent with the blog’s author. As long as the comment is done with respect and within the confines of good taste, should bloggers allow differing viewpoints?

I’m interested in your thoughts. If you have a blog what do you do? Have you ever had a comment that was “rejected”? Your comments are welcome.

Thanks for checking in.