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rainbow 2The recent storms that brought such devastation to Oklahoma and elsewhere in Texas have provided the benefit of some much-needed rain for Dallas. I was lucky enough to capture this amazing rainbow close to my house after one of the recent storms. I’d intended to write an inspiring post to go with it — even had some great topics picked out. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling particularly inspirational, but I wanted to share the picture with you regardless.

The Euflexxa injections have quit working on my left knee. After more than two months of being blissfully pain-free, I am now back to hobbling around, barely able to put any weight on it. The Euflexxa started working immediately after the third injection. I woke up the next morning without any pain and, other than the occasional twinge associated with my RA acting up, I’ve been doing great.

The pain came back just as suddenly. One day I was fine — Cinderella dancing at the ball with her glass slippers. The next morning my coach had turned back into a pumpkin and I sat in the kitchen ashes as a cast-off step-child. It’s been about a week now. I thought it might be a temporary fluctuation, but each day seems to get a little worse — I guess as the Euflexxa continues to wear off.

So I go back to see my orthopedic surgeon in a couple of days. We were hopeful that the injections would work six or seven months. I guess I should be thankful that it relieved the pain during the time I had and recovered from back surgery. Unless my doctor has some other miracle tucked up his sleeve, we’re headed for a knee replacement.

Given that I already have had a hip and shoulder replacement, I’m quickly running out of things to replace and just as quickly headed for my transformation into (drum roll, please!) Bionic Woman. Maybe I’ll sponsor a contest to design a cool Bionic Woman Super Hero outfit.

I’ll provide an update after my appointment in a couple of days. Until then, thanks for checking in.