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An email from my brother gently reminded me that I hadn’t posted in a while. I’ve been writing what I hope will be an interesting post, but I’ve been doing it in my head and since it hasn’t made it to real publication, I guess I can’t count it. And since I haven’t worked out the kinks on the “interesting” post, I thought I would provide an update which will, at least, appease my brother.

The question is, “If it’s not good news, does that make it bad news?”

I feel like progress on my knee has stalled. I seem to have reached a plateau in flexibility and pain. Tomorrow is eight weeks since surgery and I’m nowhere close to where I thought I would be.

I have made significant progress since the surgery, obviously, as I am able to get around without walkers or canes and generally get up and down from a sitting position. But bending my knee past 100 degrees is still very painful. And while I can walk on it, I can’t walk long or far without considerable pain. It also “clunks”. And it swells and gets extremely sensitive to touch. The swelling will be there for several more months, but I am hopeful that the pain and sensitivity go away soon.

Last week I went to Las Vegas with my husband who attended a conference there. I did very little except lay around the pool and read. However, our last evening there we were at the Shops at Caesars and decided to walk back to our hotel room at the Vdara, stopping in at the Bellagio to see what they’d done with their atrium display. A straight walk from point A to point B would be about 20 minutes. The distance is about 3-4 blocks. (Caesar’s sits on one block, Bellagio occupies the next block south, across the street from Cosmopolitan, which sits in front of Vdara.)

I was in so much pain by the time we got back to the hotel that I was almost in tears. I couldn’t get stretched out with an ice pack quickly enough.

The really bad news of all this is that we’re supposed to go to London next week (a trip we scheduled last October) and I don’t think I can make it. We’re probably going to cancel.

I have a physical therapy appointment today (Monday) and Wednesday and a doctor’s visit Wednesday afternoon. I’m going to talk to the therapist and also my doctor to get their opinion on the trip. It may be that the doctor can prescribe steroids or some other miracle cure to get me on my feet. If not, the trip will have to be postponed.

So the news isn’t the best it could be, but it’s also not terrible. We’ll see what this week brings.

And I hope your week brings a multitude of smiles to you and yours. Thanks for checking in.