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As I reported in recent posts, I had a horrible flare and my Orencia hasn’t seemed to be “kicking back in” after my recent knee surgery. After the flare, I moved up the date of my rheumatology appointment because I didn’t want to wait another month feeling like I have been. The appointment was today.

I had my labs done last week so my rheumatologist would have my latest blood work. My labs have always come back cold stone normal — even when it’s evident that I’ve got inflammation going on. It was the same today. My labs looked good, but it’s apparent that the joints in my hands, feet, elbows, knees and spine are all swollen and tender. That’s way too much inflammation to have if a drug is working, so it was apparent that the Orencia was not, in fact, working as it should.

Since I’ve been on most of the biologics (Humira, Simponi, Enbrel, and now Orencia), my choices are getting pretty limited. My rheumatologist suggested that we try Cimzia or Remicade. Since I’m really, really, really not into infusion therapy, I’m switching to Cimzia as of today.




Cimzia comes in prefilled syringes. (The company says that the syringes have been designed in conjunction with OXO Good Grips to be easy for arthritic hands to use.) The dosing is front-loaded so you take two injections the first week, then two more injections two weeks later, then two more injections two weeks after that. After the course of double injections, you move to the “regular” schedule which is to take a single injection every other week.

So, since it had been long enough since my Orencia injection, my rheumatologist did the first two injections when I was in her office.

So far no bad side effects, although I had a funny taste in my mouth for a while after the injections which quickly faded.

Fingers crossed that this works and/or they come up with another wonder drug that doesn’t have to be infused if they don’t.

I hope whatever is new in your life brings you a smile. Thanks for checking in.