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It seems like forever since I posted. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with a huge project dropped in my lap (I wasn’t expecting anything until next month), a trip to Washington, D. C. for business and a full day in jury duty.

I did pretty well traveling on my own to DC. The knee is healing nicely (as is the back surgery) and the Cimzia seems to be keeping the worst of the RA symptoms at bay (although this lovely rainy fall weather we’re having in Dallas is giving it a run for its money).

But, about the new knee. It’s doing quite well. I’ve gotten to point, as I have with my new hip and shoulder, that I don’t really think about it any more. True, there are times that it does bother me and it still “clunks” more than I would like (meaning there is still some swelling/inflammation floating around), and occasionally for no particular reason, it seems to seize up. But all of those things are generally short-lived and not very intense when they do happen. So overall I’m quite pleased. I actually wore some 3-inch high heels to a wedding a couple of weeks ago without real issue (but don’t tell my doctor that!).

Here’s the latest picture taken just past the three-month post surgery point. As you can see, most of the swelling is gone and the scar is looking pretty healthy. There areIMG_0228 parts of the scar that have all but disappeared, which is a good thing.

I go see my doctor in a week or so, but unless there is something worth mentioning (which I hope there isn’t), I’m assuming that I’m on the downhill slope to total recovery and probably won’t dedicate another whole post to the knee.

I appreciate everyone’s interest and good wishes as I’ve gone through this process. Thanks for checking in.