After my last post, I went back over some of the previous posts to see if I’d missed updating anything. OMG! It sounds like my life has been nothing but surgery recovery and doctors visits and medical tests. That’s not the case at all, so I thought I’d drop in a post about real life (vs. medicine).

I have been very busy with work (which is a good thing when you’re consulting). I’ve got a major project that has kept me working late hours and weekends (which is why I haven’t been posting much). Fortunately, RA is staying at bay, allowing me to do that.

The holidays were terrific. My husband and I had one of the most enjoyable trips to Las Vegas ever. Travel was a breeze, the hotel was great, we had an amazing meal at Sage at the Aria hotel, saw Penn & Teller (and heard Teller speak), and had the opportunity to rent a car and drive to areas around town we hadn’t visited before. My new knee, which wasn’t up to much when we visited in September, did great and I walked all over the strip without so much as a twinge.

We both had a touch of the crud between Christmas a New Year’s, but that’s pretty much cleared up now.

We have a major holiday coming up in the Spring so, on top of working 24 hours a day, we’re getting ready for that — and counting on both of us having good health to enjoy it. My New Year’s resolution is NO SURGERY in 2014 (after two in each of the last two years).

So my life really isn’t all about doctors and dealing with RA. There are some really good bits to enjoy as well.

Hope that whatever is going on in your life is also enjoyable. Thanks for checking in.