Freshly off posting that my life isn’t just a series of health issues, here I go again.

So on Friday, I got up and had my cereal for breakfast and everything was fine. I had a sandwich and some grapes for lunch and everything was fine. My husband and I went to dinner that evening. I ordered pan roasted trout and my tooth hurt so bad that I couldn’t eat it. There isn’t much that’s more tender than pan roasted trout, so that tells you how sore that tooth was.

Woke up Saturday with the whole side of my face throbbing. It’s the first molar on the upper right, which is just in the right position to cause pain almost everywhere. I started on antibiotics just to be safe, and Tylenol. Lots and lots of Tylenol. Of course it was the weekend when I couldn’t get into the dentist and even if I could, I had a huge amount of work to do (worked 23 hours between Saturday and Sunday), so I couldn’t have carved out time anyway.

I remember precisely about 20 years ago being at a party and there was a bubble-gum blowing contest, and I bit down on a hard piece of bubble gum and heard/felt it crack. So that tooth has a crown on it and, subsequently, underwent a root canal.

My dentist worked me in on Monday morning early, then promptly sent me to the endodontist. For whatever reason, after performing great for two decades, the tooth/root canal has decided to go south.

You know, I didn’t even know they could “redo” a root canal, but that’s exactly what I’m having done tomorrow afternoon, once I get a couple more days of Amoxicillin in my system. The tooth is badly abscessed and apparently the only way to fix it is to drill through the crown, remove the old root canal, pack the tooth full of medicine until the abscess clears, then redo the root canal. The alternative is to extract the tooth, which doesn’t sound like a very good alternative.

What’s really weird is that my husband has almost the exact same situation in the exact same tooth. Except that his doesn’t hurt but they are going to have to do the extraction on him. I’ve heard about married couples that start looking alike as they grow older, but having the exact same medical situation is taking things a bit too far.

In the meantime, I alternate between plain Tylenol and Oxycodone every four hours. That takes the edge off, but not enough that I can eat anything more substantial than soup. Maybe I’ll lose those New Year’s resolution pounds after all.

Hope whatever news you’re getting from your healthcare providers is better than I’ve been hearing. Thanks for checking in.