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So I am switching to a new primary care physician. (More about that in a separate post.) My first appointment is in about 10 days and of course I have all the new-patient paperwork downloaded to fill out. I hate that stuff and even as an established patient you get to fill all of that out the first of every year anyway.

But I haven’t seen this guy before. We’re starting from a blank slate. He does office in the same medical complex as most of my other doctors and he’ll have my medical records from my previous physician. This is a big change for me because, after 30 years with my other doctor, he and I had developed a good relationship and a good approach to my health care. I hate training new doctors.

But going over the paperwork which asks for current drugs, past surgical history, lists of major diseases and complaints, I noticed a big gap in the information requests. It doesn’t ask for the contact information for any other doctors who treat me. To me, this is a major oversight. What if he finds something on an exam or a test that my rheumy needs to know about? How would he even know?

So, in addition to insurance, scripts, surgeries, number of siblings and all the other stuff they want, I’m going to include a list of my other health-care providers. In the age of medical records this may be redundant. However, especially when starting fresh with a new doctor, I think knowledge of my other health care providers is an important aspect of establishing my care.

I hope whatever disclosures come your way today are the good kind. Thanks for checking in.