I reported in my last post that I was changing primary care physicians. This was not by choice. I am very particular about my health care professionals and I had been going to this doctor for most of my life. He’s helped me through a lot of stuff and even saved my life a couple of times. I saw him last November for a regular check up and, as he is older than I am, I asked him if he was going to retire any time soon. Between his age and constant complaining about “Obama Care” I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him hang it up. He assured me that he had just renewed his office lease for three more years, so he would be taking care of me for at least that much longer.

Then he died. Suddenly. Of a stroke.

I missed the obituary in the paper. It was during a weekend when I was working long hours and had skipped my usual morning paper routine. My husband was trying to get some information clarified for a life insurance policy and so spoke to the office who let us know.

He has been such a constant in my life for so long — one of the few people I really trust in my life. I am still a bit disoriented by it. The last few years I have been seeing him every 3-4 months because I need to be checked due to some of the medication I am on. I could talk to him about anything medical or not and our appointments generally lasted longer than the standard 15 minutes. It’s odd that I’m not planning for my next visit to see him.

A week or so I was reading the obituaries (which I read every morning along with the comics) and there was an obituary for someone who had the exact same birthday as I do. True, she was one of the younger people in the paper that day and she had health issues even more serious than mine, but it is startling to realize that people your age are starting to show up in the obituaries.

It’s one thing to be startled by the death of a perfect stranger, but it’s another to lose someone who has been part of your life for so long.

In the meantime, we’re scrambling to get established with a new doctor because, among other things, we have a number of prescriptions that will need to be refilled and we can’t do that without having some to prescribe them.

But I will miss my old doctor. It was nice to have a friend in the exam room.

I hope the only D word that visits you today is “delightful”. Thanks for checking in.