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I can’t remember a time when my joints didn’t pop. Even as a kid I’d sit watching TV and flop my hand back and forth just to hear the snapping sounds, like a kid popping chewing gum. Must have been terribly irritating. Pluggers snap crackle pop cartoon

As an adult, I was at an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon and when I slid off the exam table, both my ankles popped loudly. I didn’t pay any attention but it startled my doctor who immediately started examining them and asking if they hurt. I explained that was the norm, not the exception for my ankles.

The list goes on and on, from the TMJ issues that make every meal a rhythm section down to my ankles. I can make my fingers sound like castanets. I used to pop my knees and hips out of joints just to get a good stretch. The only joints that I think are immune are my elbows.

But the interesting thing is, when my joints are swollen, my joints don’t pop. (Which makes sense when you think about it.) Even when the swelling is slight enough not to be very visually noticeable, I can tell something is going on because my usually vocal joints go quiet.

I doubt this makes any scientific journals or gets used as an RA measure like DAS28. However, it’s important to understand our bodies and the ways it tells us what’s going on. As an example, a mother of child who had badly injured his hand noticed that the affected fingers didn’t wrinkle in water. As the child healed, the wrinkling effect returned to his hand. Water-wrinkled skin is now often used as an indicator of nerve activity in various parts of the body.

So when I get up in the morning and things go snap, crackle, and/or pop, it’s not a bad thing.

Here’s hoping that whatever pops up in your life today is a good thing. Thanks for checking in.